Become a DCAA Director

The Durham College Alumni Association (DCAA), serving more than 106,000 graduates of Durham College, is represented by a board of directors comprised of twelve elected representatives from its membership. The DCAA provides programs and activities that serve alumni members while supporting, improving and serving the College with a goal of maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship between current students and alumni. Through its activities, the DCAA also generates funding to provide scholarships, bursaries and special projects in support of current students of Durham College.

The DCAA Board of Directors strives to maintain a balanced representation of the diverse alumni community from each of the eight faculties. All applications from eligible alumni members will be considered based on merit and competencies required by the Board; however, preference will be given to candidates who are graduates of the following academic faculties: Business, Horticultural Science, Media, Art & Design, Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship in order to fill existing gaps on the Board.

For more information about the DCAA and the role of a board director, please contact Sally Hillis, Senior Alumni Development Officer, at A nominee for board director, at the time of application for nomination, must be an alumni member in good standing as determined by the current board. There is no honorarium for service to the board.