Justice and Emergency Services students compete in the Durham College Justice Games

Following a two-year hiatus, on March 23, students from the School of Justice & Emergency Services (JES) competed in the 9th annual Durham College (DC) Justice Games for the first time since the pandemic restricted campus activities. Designed to test students’ strength, speed and teamwork, this year’s games consisted of seven events, including shuttle run, 3-point shooting, arm wrestling, tug of war and more.

“The games are a great opportunity to celebrate the talents of our JES students through friendly competition,” says Jason Vassell, professor, School of Justice & Emergency Services. “Not only do participating students have the chance to represent their program, but it’s also an opportunity for current students to meet some of our alumni, who return to compete in events they won when they took part in the Games as a student. It always makes for an exciting event.”

To win the Justice Cup, students from JES compete on behalf of their program, earning points for first and second-place finishes. The following DC programs participated in this year’s Justice Games:

The Justice Games also brought the JES community together to remember and commemorate former Firefighter – Pre-service, Education and Training students Adam Brunt and Tasha Nickelchock. Most valuable player awards, each named in honour of Adam and Tasha, were presented to two students who demonstrated the highest levels of performance, leadership and sportsmanship over the course of the event.

This year’s MVP winners were Kyle Butler, Paramedics program, and Emma Wilson, currently enrolled in Police Foundations.

Students from Firefighter – Pre-service Education and Training were victorious, hoisting the Justice Cup and earning bragging rights until next year’s Justice Games.

Durham College would like to offer special thanks to the Justice Games committee for organizing this exciting event, including members: Jason Vassell, Heather Milburn, Glen Barkley, Blair Darlington, Hannah Elkington, Mackenzie Naccarato, Michael Tracey, Melissa Dodson, Bobbie-Lee Churly, Claire McCormack, and Caleigh Pengelly.