DC students apply their skills in dynamic emergency simulation

Problem-solving, collaboration and practical skills were put to the test for students from eight DC programs who participated in a high-intensity, real-world emergency simulation.

Students from the Faculties of Social & Community Services, Health Sciences and Media, Art & Design, as well as the collaborative DC and Ontario Tech nursing and Registered Practical Nursing-to-Bachelor of Science in Nursing bridge programs, worked together during a dynamic exercise in real-time that saw volunteers simulate an emergency involving a vehicle and an illegal gathering.

“This is an invaluable experience for students where they learn by acting and responding as they would in real emergencies,” said Jason Vassell, Faculty of Social & Community Services. “We are grateful to partner with community leaders and services to support this effort. It is another example of how Durham College is leading the way to support the next generation of emergency responders, journalists and more.”

The experiential scenario is a highlight for the students involved.

“This experience was an amazing opportunity for me as a student to really practice the skills I have learned. It felt like a real-life situation and made me feel like an actual firefighter,” said pre-service firefighting student Sierra Cunha. “It had my adrenaline running the whole call. I would recommend everyone do this if they have the opportunity.”

Applying in-class knowledge to a realistic scenario was helpful, said 911 Emergency and Call Centre Communication student Brehanna Gassman. “What I took away from this experience is that everything does not always go as expected,” she said. “There were times when our radios were not working properly, and we were able to work under pressure to resolve these issues as best we could. We kept optimistic and confident no matter what was thrown at us, and in the end, I believe this made us such a strong team.”

Students from the following DC programs participated: