Consistent with the college’s mission to advance the highest quality of learning, teaching, research, and community service among students, faculty and staff the Durham College Library provides access to a broad range of services and information resources both in print and online.  While it is important that these valued resources remain accessible to the college community on an ongoing basis, it is equally important that they are held in an environment that is conducive to independent study and research.   To this end, the Library Policy is designed to guide the administration and use of the Library in a manner that is respectful, and in accordance with the broader regulatory requirements.


The Durham College Library, under the auspices of the Chief Librarian, supports the academic pursuits of teaching, learning and research at the college.  While the primary focus of its collections is to serve the information needs of the college’s academic programs, it may also serve the needs of research and administration as funds allow.

Users of the Durham College Library at all locations shall be bound by the policies and procedures of the Library and of Durham College more generally.  Additional procedures and guidelines may be implemented by the Library to govern specific services and facilities, including the definition of specific borrowing privileges, lending procedures, and archival practices.  These policies and procedures may be enforced by levying fines, suspending privileges and other sanctions as specified by the Library.

Library users must at all times respect the need to maintain a quiet atmosphere conducive to independent study and research.  Any user who exhibits behaviour that is disruptive to other users may have their library privileges revoked, and/or be immediately evicted from the Library and subject to review and the possible imposition of sanctions under the appropriate disciplinary policy or regulation (e.g. Student Conduct).

To protect the privacy of users and their right to consult and borrow library materials without prejudice, information about the activities of individual borrowers, including materials used, is not released to any person, institution, or agency, except as required in the application of library fines or sanctions.


Access to the Library’s collections, services and facilities is open to all members of the college community.  Access to digital resources licensed for Durham College use, are restricted to faculty and staff, and to registered students. Members of the public may visit the libraries and use most of the print materials available. Borrowing privileges may also be extended to individuals not affiliated with Durham College for an annual fee.

The Chief Librarian is responsible for the interpretation and administrative direction of this policy and all associated procedures and guidelines to ensure their consistency with Durham College’s policies and priorities, as well as broader regulatory and licensing requirements.  This office is also responsible for ensuring appropriate accountability measures are in place at all levels.