The Durham College (DC) Board of Governors (the board) is comprised of 17 members, including 12 external board members (of which the government appoints four), four internal board members, and the college president.

As defined by legislation, the objects are of the college are “to offer a comprehensive program of career-oriented, postsecondary education and training to assist individuals in finding and keeping employment, to meet the needs of employers and the changing work environment and to support the economic and social needs of their local and diverse communities.”

The board is responsible for the governance of the college and, as such, is accountable to the students, employees, and communities the college serves to ensure the college is effectively and appropriately managed to achieve its established mandate and provide needed services.

As outlined in the Ministry Binding Policy Directive on Governance and Accountability, the responsibilities of a college board of governors are to include at a minimum:

  • Establishing governance structures to enable the achievement of expected institutional outcomes with clear lines of communication and internal accountability
  • Setting the college vision, strategic direction, and overall goals and outcomes within the context of appropriate laws, government policy, and local need
  • Hiring the CEO (i.e., president), delegating to the CEO accountability for the operation of the college, and evaluating the CEO’s performance
  • Approving the college’s annual business plan, budget, and annual report
  • Assessing regularly the attainment by the CEO of corporate goals and outcomes, and the effectiveness of the board with respect to governance
  • Taking appropriate corrective action, as necessary, where expected outcomes or quality of performance are not achieved

Vacancy Notice

The DC Board of Governors is seeking two (2) members of the public interested in contributing their expertise to help shape the future of the college by serving on the board for a three-year term beginning in September 2021.

One (1) vacancy is for an external appointment, determined by the board, and the other vacancy is for a Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council (LGIC) appointment.  For the LGIC appointment, the board can forward nominees for consideration to the Ministry of Colleges and Universities; however, the Ministry is the final decision-maker.  Following selection by the board, individuals considered for LGIC appointment will be asked to complete additional paperwork required by the government. 

The DC Board of Governors is looking for candidates who are passionate about post-secondary excellence and who will draw on their lived and professional experience to expand the unique voices on our Board. We want the diverse populations DC serves to see themselves reflected in our Board composition and ensuring demographic, experiential and cognitive diversity among our members is vital to effective, innovative governance.

If you are a dynamic individual with senior-level or entrepreneurial experience in your area of expertise, you are encouraged to apply. Prior experience serving in a governance role, while an asset, is not required.  All applications will be considered based on merit; however, preference will be given to candidates with a background in social or community services, healthcare or hospitality in order to fill existing experience gaps on the Board.

Applications must be submitted by email and received by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, August 28, 2020.  A complete application includes the application form, cover letter, and resume.  Candidates should be available to attend an interview the evening of Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

Submit your application to:
Melissa Pringle, Corporate and Board Secretary
Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology
Board of Governors Office, A140 Gordon Willey Building
Oshawa Campus
2000 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, ON   L1G 0C5