Ontario Regulation 34/03 states, in part, that a board of governors of a college shall be composed of one student, one academic staff member, one administrative staff member and one support staff member, each of whom shall be elected by the students or by the relevant group.

Subject to current legislation and regulations, the term of office for a Governor appointed or elected (excluding the Student Governor) shall be determined by The Lieutenant Governor in Council or the Board and as prescribed by Regulation but not to exceed three (3) years, renewable once, for a total service of six (6) consecutive years.

The term of appointment will coincide with the academic year, defined as September 1 of each year through to August 31 of the following year.

A Governor other than a Student Governor is eligible for reappointment or re-election after two (2) years absence from the Board, for successive terms not to exceed (6) years in total.