To be eligible for Part-Time OSAP, a student must:

  • Be studying a course load between 20-59%*
  • Studying towards an OSAP eligible program
  • Taking classes that are part of your program of study that you have not yet taken or second attempts

*Course load for OSAP purposes is calculated based on credit hours, not the number of classes. Consult with the Financial Aid & Awards office to verify if course load meets requirements.

If you are studying through Professional and Part-time Learning, you may qualify for part-time OSAP. View a list of part-time OSAP eligible programs.

Part-time OSAP only assesses support for direct education costs, it does not cover living expenses. Students studying part-time should have a viable financial plan in place while they are studying part-time.

The application is available online through the OSAP account and applications must be submitted each term a student wants to be considered for part-time funding.

How to Apply

After verifying course load percentage and determining program eligibility, you are ready to launch your Part-Time OSAP application through your OSAP account. Be sure to complete the application with accurate details regarding your number of classes your taking, the program you are studying towards and your financial information.

Once the application has been submitted, additional documentation may be requested to complete the application. Upload any required documents as soon as possible.

*Most full-time Durham College programs can be studied on a part-time basis. If you are unsure of your program eligibility, please contact the Financial Aid Office prior to the start of your studies to learn if your desired program is OSAP eligible.


If you are studying part-time, you have two options for registering into your classes.

Option 1: Pay upon registration.

Students who do not have an outstanding balance on their tuition account at the time their OSAP confirmation of enrolment processes will have all of their funds directed to their bank account.

Option 2: Complete the deferral process

To register into your classes after you have applied for Part-Time OSAP, email with the following information:

  • Personal Information
    • Full name
    • Student ID
    • Date of Birth
    • Mailing Address
    • Phone Number
    • Citizenship, nation of birth and first spoken language
  • The diploma or certificate you are working towards
  • List of CRN’s you would like to be registered into
  • Proof of OSAP funding summary or OSAP estimate
  • Deposit (Deferments will advise you of your deposit amount and provide details for how to make your payment)