A full-time student for OSAP purposes is:

  • Enrolled and studying in an eligible full-time program AND
  • Registered in a minimum 60% course load AND/OR
  • Students with a documented and approved disability on their OSAP profile are eligible to take a 40% course load or more and still retain eligibility for full-time OSAP

Course load is calculated based on number of credit hours, not number of classes. If you do not meet the minimum course load requirement for Full-Time OSAP, you may qualify for Part-Time OSAP. Students must be registered in a 60% course load (40% if there is a documented permanent disability on the OSAP profile) to be considered full-time for OSAP purposes.

Students are automatically considered for both loan and grant funding.Once the application is processed, students receive a Notice of Assessment which outlines eligible funding, who it is coming from (loan/grant) and when payments are expected to be released.

Students are encouraged to check the status of their OSAP application frequently by logging in to their online OSAP account.

How to Apply to OSAP

For specific details, visit the How to Apply page on the OSAP website.

Uploading supporting documents for your OSAP application is the fastest and most efficient way to provide documents. Refer to the instructions on the OSAP website for assistance with this process or contact the Financial Aid Office. 

Be sure to include the student number on the OSAP application. Failure to provide your student number during the application process may result in a delay in the release of your funds.

Students who are unable to upload their documents can drop off their documents at the Financial Aid Office.

Financial Aid Coaches at Durham College

Students should always consult with the Financial Aid Office if you:

  • Are accepting grant-only funding from OSAP
  • Changing course load which may impact OSAP funding
  • Planning funds distribution, especially in a 3-semester program where funding installments do not align with tuition payment timelines
  • Are concerned about the amount of funding you have received
  • Are experiencing financial challenges
  • Are unable to provide parent information to complete your OSAP application
  • Have a restriction on your OSAP account preventing your application from processing
  • Have filed a bankruptcy or initiated a related event (consumer proposal) and are applying for OSAP to assist with your education costs

You can schedule a meeting with a Financial Aid Coach at www.myvisit.com