What does a campus closure mean to me?

The following information is an excerpt from the Durham College Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Closure policy and procedure.

Academic and business activities

When the college is closed:

  • All classes, laboratories, tutorials and other scheduled instructional activities shall be cancelled and plans for completion of the learning outcomes will be announced via the learning management system.
  • Assignments and other submissions due on the day of the closure that can be submitted through the learning management system will adhere to the normal due dates for the course, unless otherwise indicated. Assignments and other submissions that are due the day of the closure that cannot be submitted through the learning management system shall be due at the same hour on the next working day when the college is not closed.
  • Mid-term examinations and/or in-term tests shall be cancelled and will be rescheduled as appropriate.
  • Final examinations shall be cancelled and will normally be rescheduled on the alternate examination date at the end of the examination period. Final examinations in progress at the time of the closure will be rescheduled on the alternate examination date at the end of the examination period.
  • Every effort will be made to post notices through a variety of methods with information about alternative services or facilities to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.
  • Meetings and other scheduled events shall be cancelled.
  • All areas and operations not defined as essential services shall be closed.
  • Deadlines for job applications and other requirements shall be postponed to the same time on the next business day on which the College is not closed.
  • Staff other than those employed in essential services, are not expected to be at work while the college is closed. Staff for the purposes of this policy includes all employees of the college scheduled to work at a time when it is closed.

If only part of the college (i.e., a specific campus location) is to be closed, the above measures shall apply only to the activities that take place at that location. This policy applies to all locations owned and/or occupied by Durham College for the purposes of carrying out its mission and mandate. This policy also applies to any institutions federated or affiliated with the college, where such inclusion has been agreed upon by the college and the federated or affiliated institution, with respect to the premises, facilities, equipment, services, activities, students and other members of the federated or affiliated institution.

College-related activity that takes place at locations that are owned and occupied by a third party (e.g., practicum placements, off campus events) shall be governed by the decisions made by that entity. During times of inclement weather, individuals should assess their own personal safety in deciding whether to attend an off-site activity.