Procedure: Timing of closures

The following information is an excerpt from the Durham College Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Closure policy and procedure.

Every effort will be made to communicate a firm decision as early as possible, taking into consideration that some staff work evening, night, or weekend/holiday shifts.

Morning closure

When a decision is made to close the college in the early morning, every effort will be made to confirm a closing by 6:30 a.m. and where possible the duration of the closing will be specified. In the event that the duration of the closure is only until 12:30 p.m. any subsequent decisions to extend the closure will be made and communicated by 11 a.m. In the event of a closure for less than a full academic/business day, only those events, shifts, or activities scheduled to commence after the reopening time will proceed as scheduled.

Daytime closure

When a decision is made to close the college after classes and business hours have started for the day, the closing will specify whether the closing is immediate or at a stated hour. Unless otherwise specified, the closing continues from that hour until the beginning of work on the next possible day. An activity (class, lab, or 2 examination) that would continue past the specified closing hour is cancelled or rescheduled in its entirety. The closing will be effective until the next morning, by which time a decision will be made whether the college will be closed for any portion of the following day.

Weekend and/or holiday closure

When a decision is made to close the college on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the Emergency Management Response Team (EMRT), if activated, or the Office of Campus Safety will notify a designated person in each department that has identified themselves to Security, as having activities scheduled or staff on duty.