Winter safety for pedestrians

Pedestrians are reminded to take extra care when travelling around campus during winter weather and conditions.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Wear proper winter footwear to avoid slips and falls

Winter weather can often be unpredictable. Although the college provides timely snow removal and salt distribution to major pedestrian walkways, ramps, and entrances, students and employees should wear proper footwear with treads designed to grip icy surfaces to help avoid the possibility of slips and falls.

In rain or snow, use pedestrian walkways and avoid shortcuts on campus

During and after inclement weather, areas surrounding pedestrian walkways and entrances on campus may see the formation of snow banks, deep snow, slush or puddles. The campus community is asked to avoid taking shortcuts through these areas and to only use pedestrian walkways to avoid accidents or injury.

Pay attention while travelling around campus

Mobile devices can be distracting, especially when on the move. Everyone is encouraged to put their phone or tablet away while moving around campus or when crossing the street to ensure personal safety.

Be alert, obey traffic signs

Although the area surrounding the college is a community safety zone, intersections like Conlin Road and Simcoe Street can be very busy throughout the day.

To ensure personal safety, pedestrians should:

  • Use crosswalks or traffic lights to cross the street. Never step off the curb, assuming a vehicle will stop for you.
  • Be alert at the intersections.
  • Be aware of accessible pedestrian signals and use them accordingly.
  • If you’re using headphones, keep the volume low and only use them in one ear so sounds and signals around you can still be heard.
  • Be aware of ongoing construction by checking the Notice of Service Disruption webpage

While the Durham Regional Police Services, Region of Durham and campus security ensure the safety of our roads surrounding and within our campus, it is everyone’s responsibility to use sound judgement when using crosswalks or travelling around campus.

Report slippery conditions

If you notice an area on campus is experiencing icy or slippery conditions, please report it to the Service Desk by calling 905.721.2000 ext. 3333, option 1, or by emailing