What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching is conversation, exploration and action in the areas of life you believe are important and want to prioritize. Coaching sessions often center on current and desired well-being, mindset, perspective, and goals and aims to help you move towards what you want. Wellness coaching can help you find clarity and confidence in relationships, decision making, and who you are as a person. It is also a journey in discovering and cultivating self-efficacy, boundaries, and holistic, personal care. Coaching is not counselling, therapy or academic advising. Please visit the Campus Health and Wellness Centre if you require a physician, or are experiencing distress/crisis.

Students might want to talk with a wellness coach about:

  • prioritizing balance and wellness in their lives
  • self-development and personal growth
  • connecting to nature, self, and others
  • making life, academic, career or relationship changes or decisions
  • creating solutions, motivation and personal boundaries
  • interpersonal relationships struggles
  • stress management and coping strategies

Like most other Campus Health and Wellness Services (CHWC), wellness coaching is free for DC students. To book a 1:1 wellness coaching appointment, students can email wellnesscoaching@durhamcollege.ca, visit the CHWC in G1030 Monday-Friday 8-4pm or phone 905.721.3037