57.9 per cent of Ontario post-secondary students felt overwhelming anxiety within the last year.

Feeling anxious is normal; it prepares you for upcoming challenges so you can be at your best. It comes from what is known as the fight-flight-freeze response that everyone experiences when presented with something that feels threatening or challenging (real or perceived). Read PsychCentral’s® anxiety help section for useful information.

When anxiety is unhealthy

When anxiety begins to interfere with your daily living, is more frequent or intense, or is experienced without any threat, it is time to seek help to better understand your anxiety.

Self-help tips

  • Do muscle relaxation exercises
  • Practice deep, calm breathing
  • Reduce the use of alcohol and caffeine
  • Allow for kind and positive self-talk
  • Identify what emotion you are feeling (e.g. fear, excitement, embarrassment)
  • Allow time to do the things you enjoy
  • Accept there will be a gap between reality and your ideal self – we are always a work in progress

Where to seek help

  • Campus Health Centre
  • Well-being Centre