Free wellness apps


This app has multiple guided meditations. The free version includes “7-steps to calm” breathing exercises and sleep stories to increase your relaxation and improve your sleep.

Color Therapy Adult Colouring Books for Adults

Relax and enjoy the benefits of colouring on your phone. Adult colouring is known to reduce stress, help ease anxiety, distract you while waiting for a test and some even say they stimulate the part of the brain responsible for concentration and focus.


This app was developed initially for youth and young adults. The mindfulness strategies included in this app are plentiful. There are also tools to help you through some common struggles such as test anxiety, procrastination, social fears and dealing with conflict.


Daily tools for stress and anxiety alongside a supportive community. Track your mood, physical wellness, ad learn relaxing breathing and meditation exercises. Join a community for peer support and conversation.


The guided meditation and breathing features help you quickly decrease your stress. Using these tools daily can reduce anxiety, improve your sleep and ensure you take five to ten minutes a day for self-care.