3 Unique Programs to Master Your Hobby at Durham College!

"Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby." - George Bernard Shaw

Hobbies frequently serve as avenues for personal development and creative refinement. Whether you aspire to become a photographer, have a passion for interior decor, or are simply curious about fashion and sewing, Durham College’s Professional and Part-Time Learning offers a variety of carefully crafted programs to help you master your interests. In this blog, we will dive into these unique programs designed to elevate your skills to the next level. 

  1. Photography (Recognition of Achievement): This photography course covers the fundamentals, starting with getting to know your camera. The instructor will take you through the intricate settings of a DSLR camera. During the course, you will master effective planning for photo shoots and improve your photography skills. Additionally, you will gain the knowledge necessary to create a comprehensive business plan for owning and operating a studio, providing you with the resources to succeed as both a photographer and entrepreneur.
  1. Interior Decorating (Certificate): If you have a keen eye for details such as color schemes, textures, furniture placement, and lighting when you enter a café, then interior designing might be your true calling. Durham College offers a certificate program in Interior Decorating that is recognized by the Decorators & Designers Association of Canada (DDA Canada). This program provides hands-on experience and real-life design projects to help you develop professional and creative design skills. You will also learn how to use contemporary technologies to create industry-standard design boards, which can be useful in presenting your ideas to clients.
  1. Sewing (Certificate): Are you enthusiastic about designing and making your own clothes? If so, then Durham College's Sewing certificate program is perfect for you. The program is designed to teach you how to craft a range of tailored garments with impeccable finishing details. You will also learn how to create bespoke patterns and alter commercial ones, ensuring that they fit the specific requirements of each garment. The course is fully led by experienced instructors and involves hands-on training to help you master the essential techniques and industry jargon. Although the college will provide sewing machines during the class, they won't be available for use at home assignments.
Durham College's Professional and Part-Time Learning offers programs that can help you achieve mastery in your hobbies and learn the skills of your craft. By prioritizing excellence and skill development, these PPL programs provide opportunities for personal transformation and open up a world of possibilities.
DC Professional and Part-time Learning provide an extensive range of over 70 programs and 1000 courses to support you in achieving your career objectives. Investing in your career development can yield prosperous outcomes in the future. Many PPL courses are available for registration every month with Monthly Intake Online options or at the start of every regular semester i.e. Fall, Winter and Spring.
What is Monthly Intake Online? It’s an online course that takes place on the OntarioLearn LMS platform. The unique feature of these courses is that they start every month, even outside of the regular semester dates. So, if you’re looking for flexibility in your course start date, Monthly Intake Online is a great option.
If you require financial assistance, please visit the OSAP Eligibility webpage and when you’re prepared to take the next stride, explore your part-time learning options at www.durhamcollege.ca/PPL.