Fireside Gathering, May 31st

Shadows will rise within the Durham esports arena! The Durham esports arena hosted its first official fireside gathering! Within fireside gatherings, players are able to experience fireside brawls, meet new friends and compete in small casual community tournaments. Our last event was Friday May 31st from 5pm-9pm and featured prizing from the Rise of Shadows Campaign box! Every attendee received a Rise of Shadows pin, and was entered into a raffle to win the Rise of Shadows coaster pack and Blizzcon 2018 hearthstone magnet set. The first place winner of the tournament won a blizzard key to unlock chapters 2 to 5 of the Rise of Shadows solo campaign, which gives Rise of Shadows packs, golden card packs, and if beaten on heroic difficulty, a card back.

Attending a fireside gathering also allows you to unlock exclusive in game content such as the warlock hero Nimzy and the Fireside cardback. In the future, the DC Esports Arena will also be participating in the classic Tavern Vs. Tavern! Better start building your team of three, what better way to practise that against your future competitors!

Players will be able to play Hearthstone on the arena provided computers, or on their smartphones as free public wifi will be provided for the entirety of the event.

For more information about the event visit: or join the discord at


Author: Raven Castaneda

DC Esports Arena Attendant