Smashurai Dojo Monthly #2 Roundup

This month’s Smashurai Dojo had an amazing turnout, with 39 attendees ready to win one of the two tournaments. For the first tournament – Squad Strike Battles – players must use teams of three different fighters, each with three stock in order to push for victory. This is to test a players diversity in fighter selection as a majority of Smash players usually play one or “main” a fighter. The final set was close, but SSN Riddles was able to push and win the set 2-1 and the Dreamhack Hoodie! Congrats to NCG Jw for the close set.

Following the conclusion of the Squad Strike Battles the focus transitioned to the main event: The Singles Bracket. With almost 40 attendees ready to fight, they were all hoping to win the 1st place prize of a free Dreamhack Montreal 2019 ticket. From the pools: Jw, Luggy, Riddles, Sage, Pokecheese, Red, Budget, Goose, Blush, Sirlouie, Jords2good, and Hub all made it into the playoff bracket. It boiled down to Jw and Riddles remeeting in the finals. This time however, Jw came out on top 2-1 and won the free Dreamhack Montreal Ticket!

Thanks to everyone that came out for the event and we hope to see you at the next one on July 7.

Signup is available at the door, and for more information send us an email at or message the tournament organizer Ryan, at @ryanDCB on Twitter.

Author: Raven Castaneda

DC Esport Arena Attendant