• February 19, 2020 | 05:00:00 America/Toronto time

      How can mindfulness benefit us in our daily lives? What can we do to practice mindfulness? Join us with Jamie Meldrum, a wellness coach at Durham College, as we discuss his mindfulness practice and how we can make it accessible to everyone.

      The REDress Project
      • February 13, 2020 | 07:00:00 America/Toronto time

      Join us in The Global Class as we discuss the REDress Project with the creator of the project, Jamie Black.    

      Ireland Information Session
      • February 06, 2020 | 08:00:00 America/Toronto time

      Join us as we talk to our partners at TU Dublin about opportunity for students to study abroad!

      Mediation: Cannabis
      • February 04, 2020 | 12:00:00 America/Toronto time

      Join us as we discuss how to approach mediation in cases involving cannabis, as well as the legal impacts on mediation.

      • January 28, 2020 | 11:00:00 America/Toronto time

      Join us as we discuss mediation and conflict with Marie-Jose van der Zande of the Ontario Community Mediation Coalition!

      Social Justice Week
      • January 26, 2020 | 19:00:00 America/Toronto time

      Here you will be able to find all of the recordings and live streams of the events happening during Social Justice Week 2020! Justice for Soli Class: Voices Against Stigma Everywhere (VASE) Class: This Changes Everything Q & A: Co-production Class: Harm Reduction Class: Families Impacted by Incarceration (FIBI)...

      Journalism and Democracy
      • September 30, 2019 | 05:00:00 America/Toronto time

      ​​ India is the world’s largest democracy and in the recent election, there were many issues writ large, including fake news and misinformation, violent videos on social media, the use of fact checking, and the impact of journalism on democracy. In brief, there were 900 million eligible voters and...

      • December 13, 2018 | 05:15:00 America/Toronto time

      Overconsumption: Whose Responsibility is it?

      • November 30, 2018 | 05:15:00 America/Toronto time

      Global Word of the Year: Xenophobia

      Global Economy
      • November 29, 2018 | 04:00:00 America/Toronto time

      Geographic Comfort Zones