The Best Things in Life Are Spring

By: Jason Svendsgaard

Just for all those students at the equator or below, it has been a very cold winter, here in Canada. In fact, this has been the worst winter in roughly 20 years, or in my case, forever! So now that winter is coming to an end, let’s take a moment to enjoy some of the changes happening right outside my window.

The Weather Outside is Delightful

For all of you out there who feel oh so photogenic it is almost #selfieseason! Goodbye Staypuff down jackets, hello short sleeves and flip flops! Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself with the flip flops, but that’s okay right? How about we start with the windows down and cruising? And I mean might I just add, look, it is FINALLY above 32F (0C) at a scorching 45F (7.2C).

Glacier Migration

In one of my earlier blogs I talked about the wonderful ice storm we had we this winter. Well as the snow started melting, it revealed all of that ice that never melted. Well I think the glaciers are going back home for the summer. Goodbye and good riddance, I need that grass for picnics and forcing my friends to play sports with me! I lure them in with the picnic basket and just as Yogi and Booboo try to swipe it I con them in to a game of Football (Soccer).

No More Salt

If you own a car or shoes made from leather you understand why this is so important. After looking at the way the sun showered my car with its radiant beams of light I could have sworn I saw my car smiling, crying even. The one drawback is that now instead of just wiping my food on my car door I’ll have to use the salt shaker.