New Health Sciences Research Hub from The Learning Portal

The Learning Portal recently launched the Health Sciences Research Hub to help nursing and other health sciences students navigate the process of finding evidence-based information. Students will learn how to plan their search, use appropriate databases to find information, evaluate information, and write an academic paper.  

The Health Sciences Research Hub includes the following content:

  • Prepare to Search: This module covers how to develop your topic, choose resources, and access databases.
  • Start to Search: This module covers how to conduct and filter your search, access the full text, and document your search.
  • Evaluate Your Evidence: This module covers how to evaluate sources for quality.
  • Write Your Paper: This module covers the basics of how to write a scholarly/academic and reflective paper.
  • Cite Your Sources: This module includes the basics of how to cite your sources and avoid plagiarism.
  • Glossary: This page contains definitions of terms used throughout this hub.

Faculty can download and import the content directly into their own DC Connect courses to monitor student progress and achievement in the course gradebook. In addition to helpful resources from CTL, The Learning Portal provides useful documentation on how to import the D2L packages into course shells.