Being Bilingual

By: Neha Shah

How important is it to learn a foreign language? Is it just confined to making your CV stronger or making travelling easier? Far from it, in reality, being bilingual has many important benefits.

  1. Memory Strengthening:
    Having a new language improves overall memory. Bilingual people are better at remembering things. Research says, bilingual people have several mental benefits over single language speakers. It is a myth that a foreign language can be picked up only at young age. On the contrary it can be learned at any stage of life.
  2. Improves English:
    It is believed that all languages are somehow connected! This holds true when you learn a foreign language, for instance French! The script used is English and one tends to focus on grammar, conjunctions and sentence formations! Thus you not only get better at new language but also sharpen your skills at English.

 In a nutshell, bilingualism helps you to become more perceptive and aids you in better decision making. Canada truly is multilingual with French being its second language. Having been in Canada for 6 months, I do realize how handy it is to know French. It is best to embrace and learn it! Whether you use the bus services or the website both languages are used commonly. So team up with a buddy and ‘Apprendre Francais’ (Learn French)