By: Neha Shah

Moving to a new country is very exciting. Meeting new people, enjoying the rich cultural heritage and food. However, the most exciting part is exploring the places! Having experienced the rest, it was time to tour the city of Toronto. Toronto, about an hour away from Oshawa, will enchant and mesmerize you in no time. Oshawa and Toronto are as different as cheese and chalk!


My first destination was the CN Tower. The first sight of the CN Tower lifts your spirits! It makes you feel that all the travel was just worth it. Upon entering, you have a warm reception area where you can buy yourself a ticket which will cost about $36. Now you are all set to enter the high speed elevator which takes you about 335 meters in 60 seconds. Your heart is sure to skip a beat with the view of one of the most beautiful cities ever.

Next was the very daring ‘Glass Floor’. At first you’re not sure if you actually want to step on the glass floor as you can actually see how sky high you are. But you cannot miss this opportunity. It’s a must!

You can even try the ‘Edge Walk’ where they suspend you from the edge of the CN Tower outside by safety harnesses and you lean over into the wind! I didn’t really gather the courage to do that. From what I hear, it’s one of the top adventures you should try before you die!


The Eaton Centre is touted as one of the biggest shopping destinations in Toronto. Being a shopaholic, it was a must visit place for me. And yes, it is like the tip of an iceberg! From outside you cannot closely guess how huge it is from inside. All possible brands are located in the mall. You’ll actually need all day to explore every bit of the Eaton centre.  However one thing a visitor shouldn’t miss is the International food court! It has cuisines from almost all the parts of the globe. It will surely ignite your taste buds and has something to offer for everyone’s palate.

Visiting these two places took up our entire day. I was exhausted and content. I returned home with a happy heart and a smile on my face. It was an experience and memory of a lifetime!