Three things that surprised me about Canada

By: Neha Shah

When I decided on pursuing a course in Canada, I started doing my homework! I surfed online and tried getting an insight of the culture. However, I must admit that Canada left me spellbound!

You do expect any foreign land to be different from yours. Canada surprised me in a lot of ways. Good ways!

My first experience with public transport was the very efficient GO Bus. Commuting was never so easy and fun. The most interesting part was the Presto card. This card can be topped up with money for your fare and every time you’re on the bus, you just have to tap your card and you’re good to go!

Even the local transit system – the Durham Region Transit and Toronto transit system called the TTC are truly swift! The buses are always on time. So planning from one destination to the other is easy. The bus drivers are warm and friendly. They never cease to help you out with directions!

You can get issued a transfer while on the bus which lets you use another bus service for free that is good for two hours!


When I first moved into my rented house, my housemates helped me understand how the dumps are managed here! The ‘Black garbage bag’ is for regular garbage. The recycling garbage is always separate.

There are specific days for garbage and recycling pickup throughout the Durham Region. Every Tuesday, garbage is picked from my vicinity. On Monday evenings, I see neatly lined and tied bags along the curb side with the recycle garbage.


One thing that I could not help notice was how much the Canadians love their pets! Every evening I see many proud owners taking a stroll with their pets.

The most exhilarating part is the way some pets are even dressed. Most of them colour coordinated and well kept. The pets are well trained and behaved. I seldom see any barking or noisy pets.

All in all, Canada is warm, friendly and full of surprises! You need to be here to explore the beautiful country.


I’m a first year student of Dental Assisting student at Durham College.

I’m an avid reader and have a flare for writing. I love singing and dancing too!