Durham College professor speaks at TEDx

Creativity, collaboration and engagement was the title and theme of a TEDx event that took place this past weekend and featured prominent speakers including astronaut Marc Garneau and Durham College professor Lon Appleby.

TED conferences bring together people from the worlds of technology, entertainment and design and have progressed into a global staple of education built upon a series of inspirational and enlightening TED Talks videos that are easily accessed online. TEDx are local, self-organized events that bring people together to share and learn through the combination of live speakers and TED Talks video’s.

Appleby, who teaches in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Employment Services, was one of eight speakers selected to present at the Oshawa event. Appleby has been a full-time professor of the general education program for five years, teaching such classes as: short history of the world; the global class; and popular culture and media. His expertise in education and global issues are what interested Durham College graduate and TEDx organizer Chris Fernlund into inviting him to be a speaker at the event.

“Chris had previously been a student of mine in my short history of the world course,” said Appleby. “After graduation Chris continued his studies and as well decided to organize the TEDx event showing him to be one of the many outstanding students I am seeing these days at Durham College who have an interest in human history and world affairs.”

Appleby’s presentation focused on the change occurring in the classroom as the world continues to become more interconnected and interdependent. When asked about Durham College’s progression in terms of this ever evolving global community, Appleby was excited by the direction the college is heading.

“From the top, Durham College is forging a culture of innovation and student success, and what I see around me, increasingly, from the new programs and growing enrolment and the kinds of courses that are being offered, is a college that is determined to become a leader in education for the twenty-first century,” said Appleby. “This is an exciting time to be a professor.”