Paramedic programs receive six-year accreditation

Durham College announced today that its Paramedic and Advanced Care Paramedic graduate certificate programs were both afforded six-year accreditation through the Canadian Medical Association after completing a rigorous review of programs, documentation and outcomes.

“This is the national standard by which all paramedic programs are judged and I am happy to say that our results speak for themselves,” said Judy Robinson, vice-president, Academic. “This is a tribute to the incredible skills, abilities and dedication of our faculty, the positive learning environment that Durham College provides and our great relationships with our stakeholders.”

The Paramedic programs were evaluated in five different areas: relevance, students, resources, integration and quality assurance. This process ensures programs enable students to attain the competencies specified in the national entry-level competency profile for the profession; support the students’ educational interests and protect their rights; offer adequate resources to support student learning to the level required to meet the objectives; provide an integrated learning experience for students. In addition, it ensures the evaluation process results in continuous quality improvement.

“The common outcome of an accreditation review is two years. Further evidence and/or changes to address the criteria not met are then submitted,” said Stephanie Ball, dean, School of Justice & Emergency Services. “To receive six-year accreditation for the Paramedic and most health-care programs is the exception.”

Durham College currently offers one of only three six-year accredited Paramedic programs and one of only three, six-year accredited Paramedic – Advanced Care programs in Ontario.