Broaden your nursing horizons with DC’s Mental Health Nursing program

As a nurse, it’s important to be qualified in a wide range of health matters, including the mental health sector. People who suffer from mental health issues need a specialized sense of compassion and care from competent and trained professionals. Durham College can provide that high quality training through the graduate studies Mental Health Nursing program.

The program, based on the Standards for Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing in Canada, prepares licensed registered nurses and registered practical nurses (RN/RPN) with theoretical knowledge and hands-on clinical practice.

Nurses study core mental health components including crisis intervention, issues and ethics, therapeutic techniques and group therapies. Upon completion, nurses will be prepared to assess, provide interventions and advocate for mental health clients in a variety of institutional and community settings.

The Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Services in Whitby, Ont., is pleased to be a training partner and curriculum collaborator for the program. RPN Jaime den Hartog, currently employed at Ontario Shores, credits the Mental Health Nursing program with enhancing her nursing skills.

“I feel that the program has greatly improved my professional knowledge,” said den Hartog. “I now have a better understanding of mental health issues and have strengthened my ability to have therapeutic interactions and provide successful crisis intervention. I highly recommend this program.”

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