Digital Photography students work towards a picture perfect career

Breaking into a competitive industry can be difficult but for two Durham College Digital Photography students, all it took was a little hard work and determination to start their careers off right.

Lisa Hughes took her craft in a whole new direction this summer when she landed two great photography jobs. Hughes was hired as a club photographer assigned to take photos for night clubs throughout Durham Region and as a photographer for the Boots and Hearts Music Festival at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. The experiences have allowed her to bulk up her event portfolio and begin to make a name for herself in the music industry.

“Before Durham College I didn’t think I would be working at concerts or clubs,” said Hughes. “My college experience has helped broaden my horizons and has pushed me to further explore different things within the photography industry.”

Hughes, who has also found herself busy shooting headshots, modelling shots, and family events, is excited to return to class this September to complete her studies.  

“Starting up in the photography industry can be a scary but powerful experience,” added Hughes, whose passion and hard work has led her to achieve early career success.  “Each day is something different and that’s what makes it so exciting.”

Hughes isn’t the only Digital Photography student who has been having a productive summer. Second-year student Amanda Morari travelled to Virginia this past June to shoot her first wedding abroad. Having shot a dozen weddings before, this medium is quickly becoming a milestone in her blossoming career.

“I flew down with the bride. I actually shot their civil ceremony a year before and they rehired me for their big ceremony,” said Morari. “I was most nervous about the time of the wedding. It was on a beach at noon and the sun doesn’t provide the most flattering light at that time.”

Morari, who chose the Digital Photography program based on reviews of Durham College and its professors, feels it has helped push her beyond her limits and further develop her talent in the industry.

“It has given me the confidence I needed to put myself out there,” added Morari. “I take what I learned in class and apply it. It’s very hands-on and having teachers who currently work in the field is amazing. ”