From Ontario to all around the world: MBM grad rises to the top

Lauren Toyota has had one wild ride since graduating from the Music Business Management (MBM) program in 2003. From hosting and producing a string of Vancouver-based television shows to interviewing celebrities on MuchMusic, Toyota has definitely been busy in the close to 10 years since leaving Durham College.

Breaking into the television industry isn’t an easy task, but starting in the right place always helps. For Toyota, who attributes a lot of her success to her instincts, personality and work ethic, Durham College was the start of a successful and exciting career.

“The practical components of the Music Business Management program, such as running music festivals, networking and being involved in all aspects of that, were beneficial to what I did as a television producer and host when I first started my career,” said Toyota. “It was just encouraging to have teachers who actively worked in the music industry leading by example and helping the students, especially myself, with networking and job opportunities even after graduating.”

Now, Toyota appears on air daily as a host for MuchMusic’s flagship show, NEW.MUSIC.LIVE. (NML). As the co-host of NML, Toyota conducts high-profile artist and celebrity interviews such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Will Ferrell and world-famous boy band One Direction; shoots field segments; travels across the globe for television, film  and music video on-set visits; researches assigned topics; writes scripts; and completes other pre-show preparation.

“The best part of my job is interviewing people and being on air everyday doing different things,” added Toyota. “No day is ever the same!”

The sky is the limit for this Durham College grad, who sees herself one day hosting her own show on a network in either Canada or the USA.

“School can provide you with great job placements and connections but you also have to make your own opportunities happen while in school,” added Toyota. “Don’t wait until after you graduate to start looking for work and make those calls. Keep up the momentum!”