Internship leads to job at Universal Music for MBM grad

Breaking into a competitive industry like the music business can be difficult, but one Durham College Music Business Management (MBM) graduate is making it look easy. After a successful internship at Universal Music Canada Jesse Letford is embarking on her professional career with the same company that gave her a chance as a student.

As an MBM  student that loved to interact with other music lovers Letford was thrilled when she landed an internship with Universal Music Canada after completing her diploma.

“I’ve known that I wanted to be in the music business forever, and specifically at Universal since I was 14. I was extremely proud and excited that I would be interacting with people who work for the world’s leading music company,” said Letford.

As a national promotion intern Letford co-ordinated the Central Region Tour Calendar, created Artist Radio Priorities, which contain information on artists and songs used on the radio, and generally helped things run smoothly. In addition to the incredible work experience she gained Letford benefitted from some amazing industry perks.

“As an intern I received a lot of perks including countless free CDs and the opportunity to attend some amazing shows, no day was ever the same,” said Letford.

Letford credits her success at landing the internship and her ability to turn the internship into a job to the support and mentoring from her colleagues at Universal and the expertise of the faculty in the MBM program.

“One of the main things that I loved about the Music Business Management program at Durham College was the fact that all of our professors were, or still are, in the music business,” said Letford. “We knew that what we were learning came from first-hand experience. The faculty is so knowledgeable; it’s easy to see that they enjoy sharing their years of experience with us.”

With four days left on her internship Letford was offered a 13-month contract in sales. She is now in training to be a sales co-ordinator/inside sales representative with the National Sales division. In her new role she will be the main contact for independent music retailers and will attend regional showcases and events representing Universal Music. She continues to apply the skills and knowledge gained at Durham College and hopes to continue to excel in her chosen field.

“MBM at Durham College taught me more than I ever imagined I could learn about the music industry. Coming to Universal from MBM made me confident in my abilities to navigate my way through whatever comes at me at Universal,” added Letford.