Journalism Graduate Heads to Africa

Andrew Santos, a Durham College graduate, completed his final year in the Journalism Print and Broadcast program last spring. Just over a year later he is packing his bags and completing his research in preparation for the trip of a lifetime.

Santos, associate producer for Salt and Light Television, where he also completed his seven-week placement required for graduation last year, is travelling to Niger, Africa to complete two documentaries at the end of July. The documentaries have Santos, a cameraman and another producer living and working amongst the locals for nine days while examining the food crisis in Western Africa.

“It’s a whole new world and I love it,” said Santos of his career, for which he has travelled to Edmonton, Alberta and will travel to Los Angeles upon his return from Africa.

He has thus far in his career assisted with behind-the-scenes camera work, radio, marketing and blogging, among other tasks. Santos loves working in an environment with co-workers who share the same beliefs and as part of a team where everyone has a mission.

Santos credits the professors in the Journalism program and the option to take a third year of study, which allowed him to gain a broader grasp of new media, with his success. The professors, he explains, are experienced, knowledgeable and supportive. He remains in contact with many of them, sharing his successes and upcoming projects.

“We have to learn the art of telling the story,” said Santos, reflecting on his days as a student, “and the journalism program really helped me to craft [that art].”

Santos was drawn to the Journalism program because of his passion to tell stories and share the stories of others. His plan for the future is to create a show in collaboration with high school students to help give them a voice.