Police Foundations grad mentors Afghan National Police

For Frank Lane, a Police Foundations graduate, the five years since receiving his Durham College diploma have been a long but rewarding journey, taking him from one side of the world to another.

In September 2011, Lane began a six-month deployment to Kabul, Afghanistan where he worked as a mentor to the Afghan National Police and Afghan Public Protection Force, mentoring ranks from private up to full Afghan colonel.

“I was able to teach and mentor young Afghans who will have a direct impact on the future of their country and possibly the whole Middle East,” said Lane. “It was both scary and exciting. It was terrifying at times, I won’t lie, but it was also very rewarding. I feel like I really accomplished something.”

Lane is now a Patrol Member with the Canadian Forces Military Police (CFMP) in Ottawa, Ontario. In this role he provides emergency response and law enforcement on all Department of National Defense bases and property in the National Capital Region, which encompasses all of Ottawa and Gatineau, Quebec.

“It’s different every minute of every day,” said Lane. “One minute I’m enforcing traffic laws and the next I’m on a 911 activation call. It’s definitely a job for thrill seekers.”

Lane’s focus and determination has led him right to where he wants to be in his career and he credits much of his success to the guidance and education received from the faculty at Durham College.

“The best tool that Durham College offered me was the ability to perceive and utilize the tools that I am provided with. From learning how to use the index of the Criminal Code, to the fitness course, which brought my physical standard up to an acceptable level, I was constantly challenged,” said Lane. “The faculty all did a great job of instructing their courses, they were always available to assist outside the class. The on-the-job stories and advice provided a real edge to lectures that is second to none.”