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Automation Project

This course is dedicated to a student created project in automation control systems, which is the capstone project for this program. Each student is required to concept, propose, design, program, commission, document, and demonstrate a functional automation project. Each independent project must program and integrate a PLC/PAC, Industrial Robot, material handling system, human machine interface and automatic identification system, as a minimum. The system must provide a user-friendly order-entry system utilizing industrial networks to perform an automated flexible task.The student showcases and enhances their previously gained automation controls knowledge by independently designing and delivering a unique project (compared to current classmates). Milestones and progress demonstrations will be set to keep the student on track through several stages. The course begins with each student creating a project proposal in accordance with guidelines provided by the professor. The project will focus upon the programming and integration of multiple automation technologies in our fully functional lab facility. Students are required to demonstrate their automation project two weeks before the end of the semester, allowing ample time for final project documentation.