Biomedical Instrumentation II

This course is a continuation of BMIN-5131 and focuses on advancing the students understanding of the sensors/electrodes/transducers, signal path, and circuits used to capture analog biopotential signals, conversion to digital, signal processing, signal display, and integration/application to their physiological monitor capstone project. The course is supplemented by a weekly laboratory session organized in project teams. Lab work consists of utilizing team skills, project planning, elements of good circuit design, hands-on circuit development, circuit assembly, circuit integration and analysis, advanced troubleshooting techniques, verification, assembly, and related support documentation. Students learn the theory of operation and application from both a technical and clinical perspective. Students learn about various cardiovascular measurement systems including concepts, theories and methods, common problems experienced by clinical specialists, operation, and troubleshooting. Students will cover the vocabulary of the field. As homework, students will solve written problems requiring application of theory and calculations, assignments, read the textbook and articles on course topics.