CAD As An Engineering Tool

This course engages the student in the design, fabrication, testing & troubleshooting, and documentation of a fully functional development kit. The course seeks to deepen the knowledge of electronics, introduce electronic design automation (EDA, or electronic CAD) tools and present the design and development process for electronic products and systems. The Proteus suite of EDA software tools will be used throughout: ISIS schematics capture, VSM analog and digital simulation, and ARES printed circuit board (PCB) layout. The course reinforces the learning in the first semester computer applications and CAD courses. To be successful in the course, the student must complete the design of a PCB, test and troubleshoot the populated board. The course also requires students to complete a technical documentation including schematic, layout and bill of material. Furthermore, AutoCAD is used to develop an industrial enclosure, its internal wiring hook-up and logic.