Instrumentation & Control I

This course builds upon the electrical, electronics, automation and motor controls knowledge obtained from previous courses. It focuses upon industrial instrumentation and the measurement of temperature, pressure, level and flow in a process. The course begins with an introduction to instrumentation, units, instrument characteristics, P&ID symbols/diagrams and the ISA. The course proceeds with an introduction to a Compact Logix PAC, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and VFD/pump using Ethernet control. The course continues with the analysis of temperature, pressure, level and flow measurement methods, common industrial instruments and the related physics/math/fluid dynamics. During this course, the student is routinely required to integrate a measuring instrument to the analog I/O of a PLC and develop the necessary math calculations and software for the PLC and HMI to display the measured value (process variable). RSLogix 5000 and Factory Talk view will be used to program the PLC, HMI and VFD, with an Ethernet interface. Theory classes are re-enforced with practical laboratory experiments, in each of the major subject areas, using an industrial grade instrumentation and process control training station. Professional documentation of programs and supporting technical data is required for multiple lab reports throughout the course.