Field Placement - Lcaf

In the third semester of the program Law Clerk Fast Track students undertake a 140-hour placement. Students attend classes Monday through Wednesday and are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills at placement Thursdays and Fridays. This placement is meant to provide exposure to what it will be like to assist professionals in a legal environment. While the college has a list of host agencies willing to provide a placement experience, students are expected to utilize their job search skills and resources to evaluate placement opportunities and secure a field placement that matches their interests, skills, and abilities. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to utilize guidance and support provided by the college to assess placement opportunities and ensure a good fit. Employers evaluate student performance upon completion of the placement and students evaluate the placement agency. Student choice in placements is directly linked to their skills, abilities, attitudes, self-imposed limitations (e.g. specific geographic area) and effort in securing a placement.