Topics In Horticulture

Topics of timely interest within Horticulture are presented in modules and will include, but not be limited to, project management, quality management, human resource management, risk management and safety plans. The topics covered have direct or indirect implications to other courses and are presented here so that the fundamentals of these concepts can be enhanced in various ways as applicable. This course provides the basic concepts for students to plan, organize, and manage resources to enable the successful completion of a specific project incorporating health and safety standards. Bringing a project in on schedule, on budget and up to design standards are key components of the course. In the competitive landscape sector, the quality of products and services need to match customer expectations. Students will have the opportunity to expand their understanding of customer expectations and better appreciate their role as employees integrating into this type of business environment where all aspects of customer and public perception are so important. Students study the climate trends and potential impacts on the industry. The basic characteristics of common weather systems will be covered so that students have an appreciation of the impact of weather on daily activities, such as, planting dates, irrigation and frost protection.