Digital Analytics Management

This course will provide students the required knowledge to pursue a role in digital marketing focused on problem solving, digital user experience and digital marketing strategies. Students will be introduced to web analytics, marketing campaign measurement and social media metrics, theories and applications. Students will learn how to set-up, collect, monitor, and analyze digital marketing program data. Students will focus on the practical application of website and social media analytics management platforms and manage an individual dashboard for use during the course. Students will review website, social media, mobile, paid media and email analytics strategies and tactical industry objectives. Students will learn the power of visualizing data and metrics found in the digital marketing industry. Rationale: Students seeking a career in digital media marketing must understand the importance of data review, reporting and management of campaigns. Through the study and application of analytics properties across website, social media, email, mobile and digital media, students will gain a broad knowledge of the industry preparing them for entry into a digital marketing role where data visualization and reporting are required.