Digital Agency Operations

This course is designed to provide students with ‘real world' digital campaign, online content creation and project management experience assisting local businesses with specific digital strategic objectives. Digital Media Account Managers are the link between the brand and their audience/consumer. This course will have students assume the role of Digital Media Account Manager for a local business. Students will manage client accounts and will be responsible for creating content and maintaining relationships over a single semester. This involves overseeing the design, creation and implementation of digital strategy based on the client's needs. Emphasis will be placed on understanding and delivering Digital Media Account Management best practices as they pertain to: * working in teams * managing roles * preparing and delivering creative digital content and reports based on the client's goals and objectives * providing strategic and media recommendations where appropriate Students will be documenting all client contact in reports to be shared at weekly status meetings. Assessment will involve a client evaluation of students' digital strategy performance based on specific measurements and milestones stated at the beginning of the project.