Corporate Law II

Corporate law is one of the basic areas of law and one of the four courses recognized by the Institute of Law Clerks as required for law clerks. This law impacts many other areas of law such as real estate, intellectual property and litigation. An understanding of the legal entity known as a corporation is essential to the incorporation and organization of a non-offering corporation and its operation in the business world. This course is designed to prepare students to function as law clerks in the corporate area of law and assist lawyers in providing the initial and ongoing services required by clients. This course is based primarily on Ontario corporate legislation and, in particular, the Ontario Business Corporations Act as it relates to non-offering corporations. Post-incorporation matters, including setting up corporate records, drafting of resolutions, bylaws, banking and creating registers/ledgers will be covered. Maintenance of records, such as annual resolutions/minutes will be introduced together with exposure to other charter documentation and corporate changes. Due diligence, corporate transactions, including corporate closings and relevant business searches will be identified and discussed as it relates to law clerks. Corporate databases related to course will also be introduced.