Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

This course introduces students to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and associated regulations, guidelines, standards, and codes. The multiple dimensions of Canadian laws and the technical application of OHS legislation are a required part of the training for a professional in health and safety. Major topic areas include: Due diligence, ethics, Workplace Compensation Board, Global Harmonized System, transportation of dangerous goods, Canadian Labour Code, designated substances, accident prevention and investigation techniques, physical and biological agents and reporting to various regulatory agents, managers, and stakeholders. The course also provides students with in-depth skills and practical knowledge to apply various environmental laws and associated regulations such as the Federal Environmental Protection Act, Ontario Environmental protection Act, Ontario Water Resources Act, specific Ontario regulations, municipal by-laws, offences, and other related environmental legislation. With practical understanding of environmental legislation, students will have the information to protect themselves and their companies from possible litigation while protecting the environment.