Corporate Law 1

Corporate law is one of the basic areas of law and one of the four courses recognized by the Institute of Law Clerks as required for law clerks. This law impacts many other areas of law such as real estate, wills and estates, intellectual property and litigation. An understanding of the different business entities is essential to law clerks and is the main focus of this course. Corporate Law I is designed to prepare students to function as law clerks in the corporate area of law and assist lawyers in providing the initial and ongoing services required by clients. This course will also prove valuable to law clerks may also find themselves working in real estate, wills and estates, intellectual property and litigation. This course is based primarily on Ontario corporate legislation and in particular, the Consolidated Ontario Business Corporations Act, as it relates to business entities and corporations. The student will be exposed to the different types of businesses (including incorporated, unincorporated, charities) that may be created on behalf of a client and identify how each entity is created. This will include practical application with government websites and service providers. The student will have an opportunity and be introduced to all the parties to a corporation and create an Ontario non-offering corporation. The student will learn how to assist in choosing an appropriate legal name together with draft articles of incorporation and filing them with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services or through an government service provider. In addition, the course includes an introduction to the provisions and filing requirements of the Canada Business Corporations Act, Business Names Act, Limited Partnerships Act, Extra-Provincial Corporations Act and Partnerships Act