Mathematics for IT

This course introduces the students the business math and logic fundamentals required in the information Technology (IT) industry. Practical problems in Mathematics for IT build a solid foundation in the Mathematical skills that are used in the number of Areas such as Networking, Systems Administration, Programming, Database Management, Web Programming and Computer Repair. The main topics covered in this course are listed below: • Course Outline and SALS (Student Academic Learning Services) • Mathematics fundamentals (Review of Arithmetic, Algebra, Ratio and Proportion) • Computer Math (Number Systems: Decimal, Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal; Binary Codes: BCD, ASCII, EBCDIC and UNICODE; Digital Technology Metrics: Bits, Bytes, KB, MB, GB and TB and Binary Arithmetic) • Other topics (Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences, Functions, Graphs, Factorial, Recursion and Statistics) • Computer Logic (Truth Tables, Basic Logic gates, Boolean Expressions and Boolean Algebra) This course emphasizes problems in Business, Digital and Information Technology. The students are taught how to solve mathematical problems with appropriate technology. The students can connect to available Durham College resources to review and improve basic Math skills.