Photo and Video 3

This course is part of the Journalism – Mass Media second year, fully functioning media outlet, known as a ‘Working Newsroom'. As such this course outline reflects students will spend half their time in a classroom setting and half the time in the ‘Working Newsroom'. The focus of the newsroom is production only on all Chronicle platforms, including online, print and Riot Radio. The classroom week focuses on learning and practising new content and techniques, with the goal of employing them in an upcoming newsroom week. Today's journalism graduate requires an immersive learning experience that exposes him or her to the broadest set of technologies and skills on a repetitive basis to move seamlessly into industry. This course expands on the basic photo and video skills acquired in first year into more advanced and specific applications. During the second year, activities are closely related to the day-to-day operation of the Chronicle, Durham College's newspaper and website. Lectures, demonstrations and visual shows will deal with specific applications and techniques used by photographers and video journalists. By the completion of the course, the student must demonstrate the ability to complete photography and videography at a level of compentency acceptable in the industry.