Event Planning and Management

The music industry revolves around events. Concerts, tours, festivals, showcases, conferences, meet & greets, networking receptions, song writing sessions, awards shows, contests, business meetings, etc. are designed to make and market music and its business. This course will introduce students to theory behind effective event planning and management, and challenge them to apply that theory in critiquing events, creating and presenting a small-scale event, and drafting and presenting a proposal of a music-related event. Topics include event/client needs assessments, task identification and prioritization, document design, strategic planning, sponsorship, risk management, site development, theme and décor development, legalities, post-event analysis, and more. Students will apply their knowledge from this course to Event Workshop I and II (MUSC 1202 and MUSC 2202), and Music Business Practicum I through IV in practical, hands-on situations. Skills and knowledge gained from event planning are useful in many professional situations, throughout one's career.