Agency Account Management

This course is designed to provide students with ‘real world' account management experience assisting local businesses with specific advertising objectives, with a focus on new media vehicles. Advertising Account Managers are the link between the client and the entire agency team. Account Managers act as both the salesperson for the agency as well as the client representative within the agency (this course will have students assume the role of an Account Manager for DC's Collaboragency). Students will manage client accounts and will be responsible for creating and maintaining relationships over a single semester. This involves overseeing the design and distribution of advertising/promotional materials for chosen clients. Emphasis will be placed on understanding and delivering Account Management best practices as they pertain to: working with design/production teams, preparing and delivering creative presentations, managing client expectations, and providing strategic and media recommendations where appropriate. Students will be documenting all client contact in reports to be shared at weekly status meetings as well as proactively managing client concerns and challenges with the creative team. Assessment will involve a client evaluation, in concert with the course instructor, of student performance related to the level of service provided as well as business results achieved.