Digital Strategy and Insights

Technological advancements have transformed the way we live, especially how we communicate, work and shop! Today individuals have greater control over how they choose to consume and use media. This has had a significant impact on how companies do business. Companies must adapt how they attract and convert consumers into long-term customers. The traditional methods of reaching and interrupting consumers are less effective and therefore cost advertisers more; Caller ID prevents cold calling, On-Demand Viewing and PVRs allow consumers to skip TV commercials, and spam filters block mass emails. This has led to a fundamental shift in how companies conduct business. Today marketers must let customers find and engage with them through the creation of interesting and meaningful content e.g. through the production of videos people actually want to see and blogs and social posts people look forward to reading. This course will introduce students to the world of digital media marketing and the common strategies and tools used to achieve specific communication and business objectives. Students will learn how to develop and write digital strategy statements. Through in-depth case study analyses, students will be able to identify and recommend the digital approaches and tactics used to achieve specific objectives and optimize program performance. Students will become familiar with SEO, Display and Video Advertising, as well as Search, Social Media, Mobile and Email Marketing. How to monitor and adjust program performance will be covered off in the follow-up Digital Analytics course.