Marketing Research and Planning

When we purchase something, we want to know the product or service is represented honestly and fairly. This is having consumer confidence in what we buy and in who we buy from. An examination of the legal environment surrounding marketing communications will be explored. Additionally, we look at the self-regulatory aspects of the Advertising industry designed to police from within. The course will allow for a thorough look at marketing research, with a focus on the terminology and the process of conducting a marketing communication related research project. In the world of advertising and marketing communication, research is the basis for reducing business uncertainty by generating the information we use to make good business decisions. An investigation of research terminology and the fundamental tools employed in research planning and data collection will be discussed. Students will also explore the roles and responsibilities of key players in this process including research users (agency and client) and the research supplier. Important concepts include the problem definition, data collection design, primary and secondary data sources, qualitative and quantitative research, sampling methods, and questionnaire design.