Music Business Practicum 3

This course provides students with the opportunity to continue working in a learning environment that imitates the "real" music industry. Students apply for jobs in the course's music-related enterprises, and, with their teams, will create a business plan and work toward achieving its goals throughout the semester. Each student is required to achieve a minimum of 30 approved practical, hands-on working hours by completing tasks related to their role in their enterprise. As the third semester of this course, it elevates students to leadership positions and the mentorship of first-year students. They must also set and work toward achieving their own course-related learning goals and individual assignments, all pertaining to the business aspects of the music industry. Enterprises may also work on approved, music/entertainment-related projects/activities for the Music Business Administration/Management program, the DC student association, community organizations, and other college programs and clubs. Students are required to follow established procedure as dictated by the MBA/MBM process, which will aid in their developing skills and knowledge of value to the music business, including essential collaboration and communication skills. Students must pass the course by achieving the required number of approved work hours and passing written assignments. Work completed in this course will provide (unpaid) real-work experience which can be featured on students' resumes.