Music Business Practicum 3

This third-level course requires students to again achieve a minimum of 30 approved working hours by participating in music/entertainment-related projects/initiatives during the semester. The students apply for jobs in MUSC initiatives of interest, and with their teams, create a business plan and work toward achieving its goals. Second-year students will focus on leadership and the mentoring of first-year students, as well as setting and working toward the achievement of their own course goals and individual assignments. Initiatives may also work on approved, music/entertainment-related projects/activities for the Music Business Administration/Management program, the Student Association, community organizations, and other college programs and clubs. Students must follow established procedure as dictated by the MBA/MBM process. Students also set and work on individual learning goals and additional assignments and evaluations throughout the semester, designed to scaffold the learning experience from one semester to the next. Students must pass the course in both required work hours and written assignments.