Music Business Practicum 4

This last Music Business Practicum course requires students to complete their final portfolio of 30 hours of work experience on music-related projects and initiatives. Second-year students will continue to focus on leadership and the mentoring of first-year students. Working closely with classmates under the guidance of the course professors, students will plan, execute, and evaluate approved, hands-on learning activities and projects for Music Business Practicum initiatives. Students may also gain experience working on appropriate opportunities that arise for the Music Business Administration/Management program, the college student association, other college departments, clubs, events, and programs, and community organizations. Throughout the semester, students establish and work toward individual, course-related goals, and complete designated assignments and evaluations designed to assist with personal and professional growth and aspirations. Students inevitably realize the value of teamwork and reflection, as well as their strengths and career interests in this practical and collaborative environment.